Monday, April 18, 2011

Singapore Day 6/6 - Little Arab World and Little India with Henna and Khulfi

Today we stayed near the hotel and explored Little India and a small
area filled with Lebanese/Arab shops and restaurants which I’ve
renamed Little Arab World due to street names such as Arab Street,
Baghdad Street, and Sultan Gate. Definitely thought of you Dad.
I think it might have been as hot as Iraq! Less Iraqis though.

Dad in Middle East

Little Arab world was interesting, it has Masjid Sultan, the
principal mosque of Malay and Indonesian communities. We could not go
in due to dress, and it has limited visiting hours due to five prayer
times a day. We sat outside and listened to the sounds of the service. The area has tons of shops packed tightly together, the number of people combined with lots of road traffic made for the hottest day so far.

Masjid Sultan

We ate lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, it was nice but I've had better Lebanese food in Texas.

view of seventeen aircons from the restaurant

Little India was a short walk away. We stopped here to have Khulfi
(North Indian ice cream made using Ayurvedic principals with only
natural ingredients: milk, honey, walnuts and fresh fruit) at a
recommended place. It was really interesting in flavour, I had
strawberry khulfi mixed with nuts and some type of cereal. I could
taste a lot of cardamon. Russell had chocolate with banana.
Definitely a spicy but refreshing taste, unusual.

Typical street in Little India

Also in this area they had tons of stalls selling what looked similar to Hawaiian leis. Lots of women were buying them but none wearing them; I think they are actually used in temples as offerings. I bought a tuberose one to wear, these are the same kind of flowers as my wedding lei was in Hawaii, and I just love the smell. Totally looked like a tourist, but I think the white skin, backpack,
sneakers and camera around my neck give it away anyway.

henna done at an Indian beauty parlor

The humidity broke for a little bit and it really poured this afternoon!

Overall, I highly recommend a visit (or two!) to Singapore. It's a great place with seriously amazing food, excellent and cheap public transport, great shopping and unique experiences. It's also very close to Australia compared to other travel destinations.

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Arizaphale said...

More henna!!!! It is all around me at the mo! You make Singapore sound so inviting. I have never had any desire to go there but now......
PS: love the photo of your dad