Monday, April 18, 2011

Singapore: Day 3

Went to a little restaurant call Hand Burger where the gourmet burgers were made by hand. Like all eateries here the kitchen is within full view so you can see the cooking process, which makes the food very enticing! Most days we are out of the hotel for 12 hours straight in estimated 100F/38C heat (with humidity) and this is why I think it’s ok to eat all the time, we’re just replenishing all those lost calories. Root bear float and New Zealand beef burger for Russ.

Takoyaki at Gindayo

While browsing a hawker center I saw this huge line start to form for one of the stalls so I quickly jumped in, having no idea what they sold! It turned out to be Takoyaki, which as far as I can tell is a dumpling with all sorts of yummyness in the batter (veggies, onion?) with a big bit of octopus thrown in the middle during cooking. Yummy! With Pork floss and mayonnaise to top it off. 6 pieces for $4.80. Russ had satay chicken skewers for the 8th time :)

Night Safari

That night we went to the Night Safari. We rode an open sided tram all around the park through 8 geographical regions of the world, and saw tons of animals just after dusk. The animals are kept just off the track without cages or fences (they have holes around them) and it was the most amazing animal experience I’ve ever had. Just after dusk is when many animals are active so unlike the regular zoo where everything is asleep, everything was out! Unfortunately, flash photography is not allowed as it disturbs the animals, so we’ve only got one semi decent photo of the rhino. Seeing the rhino was spectacular! There were two, kept separately as they are very territorial, and they look like gigantic armadillos. I’ve seen them before but without cages is entirely different.

In the flying squirrel enclosure the squirrel flew dramatically from one side of the cage to the other as everyone gasped in disbelief!

And in the hyena area one of the laughing hyenas was really having a ball. When we walked past, doing the optional walking tour after the tram ride was over, he was zooming around his area laughing crazily. He reminded us of our dog when we have visitors.

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