Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I saw it twice, and then whipped out the blue face paint.

There's not much more to say than that, really.

luvz it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

9 currents:
mood: not applicable
taste: general morning taste, but I brushed and flossed last night so its ok

clothes: a wife-beater and pseudo-maternity workout pants
desktop: some modern art with primary colors and strong lines
nail color: It's called "give me Moor" from the Spanish collection of OPI, dark dark purple, very chipped, do I have remover??
time: 9.42
surroundings: makeup, pawpaw "ointment", camera, rubbing alcohol; it's either some s&m bordello or my desk/vanity table
annoyance(s): thinking about my interview next week and my 5 homework assignments I haven't done for my course yet
thoughts: procrastination

8 Favorites:
color: I can never pick but we'll say at the moment hot pink and electric orange, with some red
food: Italian. with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, sausage, evoo, orrechieti pasta, parmesan, basil. the red white and green and I'm good to go.
book: Mrs. Dalloway
sport: swimming
season: summer in Europe, winter in Texas, or any time that it's 27.5C
day of the week: this question perplexes me
ice-cream flavor: tiramisu or biscottino, or chocolate with raspberry, or vanilla.
time of day: evening

7 firsts:
best friend: an adopted Korean girl
kiss: I prefer not to think about that
pet: chance, she is still alive............... we're about to enter the Guinness book of world records
piercing: belly button, I was 16, everyone else got their tongues done
crush: he was really tall with dark hair and we had computer class together, circa 6th grade, but there were a few red-heads before that haha
music: first stuff I liked? the beatles.... 2nd grade I went fanatical and used to wish that I could marry John or George or both, or at the very least go to their concerts and cry my eyes out
car: first one I drove? Nissan Maxima in white.

6 lasts:
food: lemon curd ice cream from maggie beer, I don't rate it.
drink: water
kiss: last night
song played: Television - marquee moon
tv show watched: the sopranos
car ride: back from Semaphore the other day, we took the doggins on a walk

5 have you ever(s):
Dated one of your best friends: always, but never the females
Broken the law: I thought that's what they are there for?
Been arrested: no
Skinny dipped: yes
Been on tv: no but my mom aunt and cousin just were.

4 things:
you did last night: slept like the dead, read the newspaper, watched gerard butler on tv and wished (aloud) that I had married a sexy Scot with close access to Europe rather than a sexy Aussie with close access to.... South Australia), edited a video
you can hear right now: my Italian neighbor Pasqual talking on his phone on his porch
you’ve done today: woke up, did the internet rounds, made an appointment for a pedicure, and sent my husband a text message, all that and it's only 10 am!! :-p

3 people:
you can tell anything to: I don't even tell myself everything.

2 choices:
black or white: Black babies are cuter but white tea is sweeter.
hot or cold: warm but if I had to shiver or sweat I would pick sweat, but in the shade please.

1 wish:
I wish I had gotten to eat more of my dad's black bottom pie before I came back to Australia.