Monday, April 18, 2011

Singapore Day 4 - Sentosa Island, The Merlion, and Snakes

Today we tried to visit China Town but ended up going one stop too far on the subway and ended up the Harbour. From here we could see Sentosa Island, so we decided we should just go over there since we were "so close." Well, Russ wanted to take a cable car over there (which he’s done before) so we went on an hour long walk to the cable car tower, only to find out they were down for maintenance until July, so after another very long hot walk back we found the Monorail station and took that over. The trains and other public transport are very organized, clean and efficient here (best I've seen in the world), but the problem sometimes is actually finding them from above ground which is made more for cars than walking. (The mall we were walking around to find the trains and cable cars is 3 MILLION square feet.... no wonder I was cranky...)

View of Sentosa Island from Vivocity Mall


So, the Merlion is half lion half Mermaid/Merman, I can’t tell you much more than that, but it's a well known symbol in Singapore. He’s on Sentosa island. By this point of the day I was referring to him as either the “prawn cracker” or “prawn tiger” as I wasn’t sure all the effort was worth seeing him up close. (He’s visible from different points on Singapore.)

Sentosa island is actually quite cool though and worth the trip; they have beautiful gardens and lots of attractions including a universal studios theme park. I didn’t want to go to this, but we heard that 17 out of 30 rides are currently down anyway!

Luge and Sky Rail

luge carts as seen from the sky rail

So Russ wanted to do something fun so we went on the luge. However, you can’t buy a luge ticket on it's own, you have to buy a luge and sky rail ticket together. So we did, it was twelve dollars per person to ride both. The luge was really fun! They are kind of mini go-carts and they get some speed on them! I didn’t really know what the Sky Rail was, it looks like a ski lift, and I thought it stayed pretty close to the ground. WRONG it was SO SO SO HIGH. I was so terrified I couldn’t take my hands off the rails to take a picture of Russ while we were in it. After that we decided on some drinks by the beach to relax.

I hate heights, and Russell hates snakes. I had to get him back some how.

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