Monday, April 18, 2011

Singapore: Day 2

We woke up starving so we decided to simply go for the buffet offered at our hotel. It seemed a little pricey at $24 S a head (compared to all the other little treats for 3-5 dollars you can get in the city, but oh well....)

Can you pick whose breakfast belonged to whom?

I had a breakfast curry (when in Rome), carrot cake (think potato/carrot omelet), dumplings (sooo good), fish, dragon fruit (like a less flavorful kiwi fruit, it's the white one with black seeds), and Russell had, well... a full Australian breakfast plus some egg rolls. The quality of food is still surprising me though; it's outstanding!

We went to a Hawker Center last night; these are basically open air food markets. We had our first taste of chili crab, which is famous in Singapore. It is what it sounds like, but they take a lot of the meat out for you already and make a kind of stew out of it. We also ordered these delicious buns to go with it that you dip into the stew.

Before coming here I saw a travel/food documentary about chili crab and it said that a lot of the crabs in Singapore are from Sri Lanka, where they live in the Ganges river and they actually eat the dead (human!) bodies that are in the river. I guess I imagined that we would have to "seek out" something like this, but our server came over for a chat after the meal and mentioned that their crabs are from Sri Lanka. Yay. Still yummy though but super spicy.

Russ pictured in front of the Raffles Hotel, he was not allowed in due to looking like a dag. (Apparently armpit hair and singlets are out at Raffles!) We wanted to make reservations for their famous high tea, but they were really unfriendly; when I went in alone they gave me a number to call to reserve. They wouldn't let me stay inside long enough to reserve. Rooms start at $1,300 a night I believe so I guess guests are paying not to have to look at commoners like myself and Russell. We'll definitely be giving high tea a miss.

Ion center is one of the big indoor shopping centers, we spent a great part of yesterday in there. I took a 1 hour master makeup class with an international makeup artist from Urban Decay Cosmetics at the Sephora inside. Russ signed me up for it!

Tomorrow we're hoping to catch the night safari and probably another tour of some kind.

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