Monday, April 18, 2011

Singapore Day 1/6

Travel Blog from our trip to Singapore in 2010.

We arrived safely last night at around dinner time, and I know everyone told me that it would be hot here, but I didn't think they meant like this. It is a tropical, humid, sweltering heat. I quite like it! Makes it feel like holidays. I think it's about 32C but with the humidity factored in it's around 38C+.

Our hotel is pretty nice; a bit nondescript but very clean. The city, from what I've seen so far, isn't as "clean" as I've heard, but Australia is very clean, so it's hard to compare. It's probably cleaner than other Asian countries, and definitely cleaner than Italy. (My feet aren't BLACK after walking around... hello Florence and Rome.)

Onto the first meals:

We went through this little market near the hotel, and everything was pretty overwhelming at this point. I had never been to Asia before so it was a bit of culture shock for me. I'd read that Singapore is very multicultural, and indeed it is. There are a lot of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian people. Most everyone understands English which is a life saver.

I managed to grab a bubble tea on the way to a little outdoor restaurant.

(We are right off the airplane/hotel so don't JUDGE.)

Russ ordered some tiger beer, which was gigantic. It came with peanuts, jalapenos (odd) and a mystery sauce.

For dinner he had sting ray (Steve Irvin complex, maybe?) which was ridiculously tasty. Very spicy (Russell was sweating) but he's a good sport. I had the red wine pork (tried to stick to something familiar for the time being.) It was also delicious.

I can't wait to get a little more settled and try some strange foods like durian fruit (I saw smoothies yesterday at the market), that chili crab and maybe fish head curry from little India.

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