Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After a bit of cleanup: (Still out-of-control, but slightly better.)

Before Trip to Ikea:

After Trip to Ikea: My new vanity and desk so that I can move my permanent residence of crap from the kitchen table into the back bedroom.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am an Electrical Bogan

I present you with my evidence. Now, this is a new set-up, and, hopefully, a short lived one, but here it is:

Exhibit A: The old-ass computer that has an "un-legit" version of Windows on it that prompts me every 3 minutes to turn myself in, or whatever. (Purchased by my husband, who swears he didn't know it wasn't going to have real windows on it even though he bought it under questionable circumstances, and even now a half-decade later is sad when I speak of it's eminent death in a less than solemn manner.)

This computer is on it's last legs. The internet also stops working every 15 minutes,with the only option being to reset, which is unappetizing.

If it doesn't die soon, I will kill it.

Exhibit B: My dearly beloved HP laptop. 3+ years old. With a 500+ repair bill due the screen just "not working" for no recognizable cause. Unwilling to pay that price, I realized that I have a "perfect" solution!

Exhibit C: Monitor from old-ass computer plugged into beloved HP: works great! Esthetics: Not pleasing. Functionality: internet better, doesn't shut off, but no more printing will happen in this room for a while as I can't be bothered to switch the monitor (or the printer cord) to and fro.

Exhibit D: I may, or may not, be eating some McVities chocolate covered, wheat containing digestive biscuits. Bogan? Perhaps not. Admissible evidence? Most definitely.

and finally, Exhibit E: my filing that's I've been hoping will disappear while I'm at work.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A bit about my week

So I went to the doctor last Friday, and was ordered to take this week off.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: (States a list of complaints.)

Doctor: Right, you'll need to take next week off work and then we can reassess, and here's some medicine that's highly addictive, try not to take too much of it. Only 3 days worth in fact, and take 1 tablet instead of 2.

Me (Dazed and a bit puzzled, yet slightly amused) : Are you sure?

Doctor: Are you listening to me?! You're not going to work next week! And you're coming back to see me on Friday and I might do some blood tests! Shazzam!

Me: Yes, Sir!

So... I've had the entire week off work. I'd like to think I put it to good use. Here are the things I've done:

Went to the Medicare center and got my new Medicare card because my dirty immigrant interim version had expired. Almost wasn't able to get it because I don't carry my visa around with me, but then I explained how my new card was sent to our last house, where another dirty immigrant now lives and he obviously didn't forward it. She bought my story, and low and behold, somewhere in their system this American was eligible for a full-fledged Medicare card.

Also got $100 back from doctor visits throughout the year while I was there. Shazzam!

Booked in for my Taxes (2 year's worth!) for this afternoon. Went around and found end of year statements for the bajillion different employer's I've had during that time span. (Next on list, American taxes.)

Watched my beloved laptop of 3 years die. Took it in to a Clinic for electronics. Currently waiting on quote for parts but all I know is that my LCD screen is shot, I'll need a new one, and I'm contemplating taking what I'd spend on that and putting it towards either a Sony or a Mac.

Made a great chicken salad with real live (or dead) fresh fruit and veggies!

Got blinds in our 3 bedrooms installed. No more newspaper window coverings for us!

And finally, but quite pitifully, confronted my fear of sitting at a desk top and wrote this blog entry in the haunted back study in our house.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Twas the last night of October

A pumpkin was purchased,
Redback cobwebs were found

Candies were nestled in a bowl by the door,
Christmas Santas abound

Cupcakes were made,

dyed-orange, and iced with great care.

And while no trick-or-treaters came,
We still did our thing,
dressed in animal masks,
and watched Halloween.
With some friends and some cheer,
which reeks oddly of beer,
we celebrated All Hallows' Eve.