Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiramisu and Chicken, Eggplant and Avocado sandwich

I have been living off of lite n easy for 3 weeks now, due to time-poorness and exhaustion but this weekend I was a teeny bit motivated to make something that was more involved than using a microwave (but not by much.)

First, the sandwich:

From bottom up:
Toasted Bread
Baby Spinach
Grilled eggplant (with evoo, salt and pepper)
BBQ'd chicken
Aioli on other side of bread.

Then, Tiramisu:

I used, of course, Donna Hay's recipe.

Unfortunately the mascarpone I like is $5 a tub and the recipe called for 2 tubs, and I just couldn't justify it so I tried to use one. I think it would have been better with 2, but it was still nice.

Total cost of dessert: $18.74
$5.00 mascarpone
$1.59 for thick cream
$3.15 sponge cake
$2.50 shot of espresso
$6.50 tiny Kahlua
Free chocolate in the pantry

Expensive but I made 4 servings and 1 serving cost 13.50 at the restaurant we went to on Saturday. (Gusto at Norwood, delizioso food, but I couldn't fit in a tiramisu because we were on our way to see Shutter Island at 9:20 pm... night owls!)

Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts, topped only by my dad's black bottom pie, and this recipe could definitely be improved. Will continue the search for a perfect make-at-home version.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What you are about to see may disturb you.

I am an American married to an Australian.

We have our differences.

For example, his people preference inappropriately short-shorts on men, sport games that take 5 days to complete, and inefficient workplace processes. (Generally speaking.)

My people preference imperialism, real freaking hot dogs, and main roads that go over 40mph. (Generally speaking.)

This weekend my husband presented me with a "snack" that he made while we watched a movie. It consisted of crackers (which he called biscuits which is why I was utterly confused when I saw the final product) covered with a layer of butter, Vegemite and topped with either cheese or a slice of pickle.

I had been suffering through a bout of gastro-intestinal disturbance all weekend and I didn't want to eat ANYTHING, but by this point in my 3-day illness I momentarily lost my dignity and thought , "who doesn't eat pickles with butter and vegemite?"

After my husband asked what gherkins were.... which lead me to wonder why he had BOUGHT them in the first place if he didn't know what they were, and why he thought they would go well with Vegemite, I thought nothing more of the incident.

The following sight, however, after almost 2 years of marriage and constant lectures on what we do (ketchup and bbq sauce) and do not (my gourmet chocolate) put in the fridge, horrified me.

Yes, you might see the bottle of opened gherkins. Nice and toasty on the pantry shelf in between a box of bread crumbs and vinegar.

And I had wondered why the pickles weren't as crisp and chilly as they usually are when we had our little snack...